Our company has been operating in the sector for 38 years by using its knowledge and experience in the production and export of underwear. It has become one of the leading brands in the field of underwear.

As Dogannur brand, to respond to the expectations of our customers with production and service above the desired quality in full and on time. With these efforts, while strengthening our strength as a national brand in the short term, to succeed in becoming an international brand in the medium and long term.

Ensuring absolute participation of all employees in every field.

To guarantee the quality of the product we produce by applying the highest quality standard in production.

To provide a production and service beyond the expectations of our strategic partners while conducting our relations with them within the framework of complete trust.

To provide production and service beyond the expectations of consumers by managing their expectations well.

To keep the torch of development constantly lit and carry it forward.

To act with an ethical competition approach that provides development instead of destructive competition.

To maintain our sensitivity towards the environment and social events and to undertake constructive projects in this field.